Have you ever wondered what makes a resilient child?

This book gives you the answer.

What They Don’t Teach you in School explores the skills needed for children
(year 5 – year 7) to tackle life with confidence. A storybook and instructional guide all in one with entertaining characters, thought-provoking concepts and real-life scenarios. 

A must for all year 6 teachers. The first effective book I have seen for children’s mental wellbeing.

Luke Masterson


The lessons that come with this book are outstanding- carefully planned, easy to deliver and loved by my class.

Jason Clarridge


If you want to build your child’s resilience then this is the book for you.

Sue Carpenter


If you purchase a class set, you will receive six lessons so that you can effectively deliver each chapter to a class of children. Although designed for the classroom, the book is versatile and can be used for group work, one-to-one interventions, homework and even as an end of year present.

The six chapters include:

Chapter 1


In this chapter you will identify different emotions and then explain why emotions are important. We will then discover the importance of expressing these emotions.

Chapter 2


You will learn what resilience is and what a resilient response looks like. You will also find out why resilience is important before judging your own resilience.

Chapter 3

Tornado Zone

In this chapter you learn about anger. What being angry feels like, what makes you angry and the steps you can take to avoid acting in the Tornado Zone.

Chapter 4


Here we understand just how limiting failure can be. We find out how failure impacts our emotions and learn to find the opportunity in even the most difficult situations.

Chapter 5

Other People

This chapter focuses on the different responses to other people. We discuss real listening and the dangers of the runaway thought train. 

Chapter 6

Taking Responsibility

What do you do when you make a mistake? We all get attacked by the escape thoughts. Read this chapter to help you learn how to take responsibility.

Please feel free to take a look through the first chapter of the book below.

You will also have access to a video that highlights key learning points and possible misconceptions for each lesson.  The tasks are already in the book so this means no planning, no photocopying and no last-minute stress.
One order and you have six chapters, six lessons and a book for each of your children, that they will cherish for life.

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